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Check Out Virginia Beach's Best Breweries

Whether you like lagers or blonde ales, you’ll find the beer for you at one of Virginia Beach’s best breweries. All located near Columbus Station, pick up your favorite style to be enjoyed from the comfort of our apartments in Virginia Beach. 

Back Bay Brewing Co.'s Farmhouse

At Back Bay Brewing Co.'s Farmhouse, you'll find fresh beer and cider. The brewers are known for their innovation. They use quality ingredients and keep the menu new and exciting. The selection includes Bee Kind, Sunrise Pale Ale, and Queen Anne's Revenge. Place an online order for pickup or delivery.

Smartmouth Brewing Co. 

Found in a former post office, Smartmouth is now an incredible local brewery offering takeout near Virginia Beach. It originated after Porter Hardy decided to leave his job as a lawyer behind. It opened in 2012 and became one of the first craft breweries in Hampton Roads. Porter began creating beer as a home-brewer. He enjoys sharing his passion and hasn't looked back since "trading his ties for tap handles." Beers to-go include Fresh Start, Mash it Up, and Ice Cream Social. The brewery offers both pickup and delivery. 

Commonwealth Brewing Co. 

After years of creating beer on their stovetop, Jeramy and Natalie established Commonwealth in 2015. The couple honors farmhouse traditions and huge hop American styles. The brewery is found inside a former fire station that was built in 1962. It features a beer garden and a barrel cellar for long-term aging. Beers to-go include Time Crystal, Tiny Diamond, and Caked Up. You can order for pickup or delivery on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. 

For some tasty food to go with your beer, order delicious Mexican cuisine from a local establishment.  

To become a resident of Columbus Station, please contact us. We would love for you to see the amenities and floor plans our apartments in Virginia Beach have to offer.

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